Unleash your inner rockstar with
expert guitar and drum instruction

Everyone deserves music! Guitar & drum LESSONS IN SOUTHERN NEW HAMPSHIRE!

Kevin offers both in-person & virtual guitar and drum lessons to help you find your passion for music. Are you ready to be the next big rock star?

Music is the universal language of mankind and Kevin Horan has the experience and passion for teaching for musicians of all levels to improve their skills. Click the button to book your first lesson today!  

Types of lessons

Music Lessons in Southern New Hampshire
Music Lessons in Southern New Hampshire

Types of lessons

Music Lessons in Southern New Hampshire
Music Lessons in Southern New Hampshire


I love teaching music. I love helping kids find their passion for music. Contact me today for music lessons in Southern New Hampshire.

Almost as long as I can remember music has been at the core of my life. Memories of playing a tennis racket in the front yard like Marty McFly wailing out a wicked solo at the end of Back to the Future, air drumming every beat of Aerosmith’s “Get a Grip” album to an imaginary stadium of screaming fans, to becoming a percussionist in the middle school band, and continuing on as a drummer in our award winning marching, concert and jazz bands throughout high school. I have since lead an adventurous 20 year career as a drummer, solo artist, singer/songwriter and frontman of my very own band, The Stone Road Band.

Through all my adventures in life there has been music at the center. Music is central to so many, and I aim to teach my students that it is a gift to share in music. My passion for music overflows, and I promise you that no matter what age, you’ll feel just like a kid again.

MY approach 

I use a blended teaching style of traditional and non-traditional teaching methods to ensure students have fun, while learning proper technique and rudimentary skills. Each lesson is customized to the individual student based on your goals, skill level and even personal interests! I love providing music lessons in Southern New Hampshire.


Instruction doesn’t always have to be by the book! Based on your goals and interests we will create a lesson plan that works for YOU, and stretches your imagination to new heights!


My number one priority is to help you achieve your goals. I will utilize my 30 years of instruction, performance and writing experience to coach and guide you through the earliest stages of your music instruction. 


Learn basic chord structures and strumming patterns through your favorite songs and movie themes. Advance your rudimentary drum skills through fun games and exercises that teach you technical proficiency along the way. Oh, and don’t be surprised if a special guest from a galaxy far, far away, or your favorite comic book hero makes an appearance or two!

Featured ovation

“Kevin is a very encouraging and patient instructor who clearly has a passion for music and is very dedicated to the students he teaches. He is reliable, humorous, and very talented. If you are looking for a talented singer, songwriter, or music instructor Kevin Horan is an excellent choice!”